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Scenic Instruction

Jusha Park is located in the east side of the center of Meili Town, which covers an area of 64,000 square meters, the park gets its name as the main part was dominated from ¡°Jushan Blessing Pagoda¡± in the Southern Song Dynasty. Jusha Park is one of state-level units of historical relics under protection.

There are waterside pavilions, many ancient trees and all kinds of flowers in the park, which is an ideal leisure and entertainment place for travel enthusiasts.

In order to fully excavate the profound historical culture of thousand years of ancient town, and optimize the investment environment, improve the town grade, all previous Party committee government of Meili Town has successively made heavy investments for expansion and transformation of Jusha Park, so that, the park area is increased from 58,000 square meters to 64,000 square meters with the green area up to 80%. The park has Pingshan Spring, Jusha Pagoda, Emotion of Ancient Tree, Charming Lotus, Art Culture of Lotus Peak,  Filial and Incorrupt Custom of Meili, Haopujian Park, Moon-Watching and famous stone corridors, scenic spots and historic sites exhibition hall, the armed birth monument of Changshu people's Anti-Japanese rebuilt by the communist part of China Changshu County Government", fitness center, teahouse and other tourist attractions and places of leisure, it integrates the functions of cultural entertainment, sports activities, rest and tour. Strolling in the park, the blooming flowers are accompanied by light music, make people pleased and relaxed.


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